Indie / electronic Artist


Melinda Ortner has always been chasing her dreams. Establishing herself in Los Angeles, Melinda developed her distinct indie pop/electronic style, often compared to a mix of artists like Fiona Apple, Muse and Regina Spektor.  

Never one to rest, Melinda has toured america, UK/Europe and Japan, played SXSW, won “Best Of Sundance” and has opened for Cobra Starship, Miguel and Joe Jonas.

MTV’s “Steal The Spotlight” Contest crowned her grand prize winner, you may have heard her songs featured in the films I Hate Valentine’s Day by Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and American Pie 7: Book Of Love, pushing her music video “Heartbeats” to over 184K+ hits.

An accomplished songwriter with her full length album “I Wanna be Ok,” multiple EPs and countless co-writes under her belt, Melinda was chosen as one of 15 songwriters of the year for ASCAP’s “Johnny Mercer Project” that takes place at Northwestern University in Chicago.

In 2016 Melinda has found herself chasing inspiration yet again, this time to her new home in London’s vibrant electronic and artist culture, where she has been writing and recording constantly. Pay attention because she’s just getting started. This year Melinda will be releasing three new music video’s and an upcoming release.



What People are saying


"All told, this is a fantastic listen from start to finish. We’re willing to bet that Ortner is going to be more than OK."
- Indie London UK

"Now enough of the love, go listen for yourselves.  if you don't like this then there's no hope for the world." 
-Vanguard UK

  "She’s elegant and ambitious with a diverse range of material and her soulful, refreshing voice is both strong and vulnerable." 
- AAA Music  

"If there's one name you need to remember for the rest of this year then it's Melinda Ortner. Her sparkly debut EP 'Strangers' is on its way, bringing with it a flame thrower of gorgeously heavy tracks that will have you feeling what she feels from the outset. Melinda will become a new name in your iPod playlist."
- Fatea Records, UK

"If "Strangers" is supposed to be a temptation for the full-length debut "I Wanna Be OK" released in december it works excellent. Four songs are far from enough. If Aimee Mann's future is far behind her, then Melinda Ortner entire left.  
-Tidningen Kulturen, Swedish Magazine

"Strangers is an incredible debut by a stunning new talent, if we live in a just and ideal world you’re going to be hearing a great deal more from Melinda Ortner in the near future.”  
- Rhythm and Booze

Melinda demonstrates everything that is good about traditional popular music and where it should be at, these days. Her Strangers EP contains thought-provoking, deep and expressive lyrics married with some melodies that pull you in so fast there is a risk of a little motion sickness. It is well worth it, believe me.
- Band of Banjo Playing Badgers, UK

"If I use the word "hit" in a positive sense as timeless poppärla, all the songs on "I Wanna Be OK" hits. If you want to hear how the international pop music sounds like when it sounds its best in the 2010s, the "I Wanna Be OK" to turn to."
- Tidningen Kulturen, Swedish Music Blog